Should I sell on Amazon?

Amazon is still as popular as ever and has a huge range of products for sale, some sold by Amazon directly and others from business sellers.  Fees to sell on Amazon are typically more than the likes of eBay however depending on your product and price point there is the potential for good sales.

Selling on Amazon is a good way to reach new customers and get your product in front of a large audience.

How can Net Fusion help me sell on Amazon?

If selling on Amazon is something you are looking at we can do everything from initial product and competitor research, to store setup and design and even listing all of your product inventory.  We can even integrate Amazon directly into your website to make selling and managing orders even easier.

  • Competitor research
  • Amazon store setup & design
  • List product inventory
  • Website integration

Competitor Research

Net Fusion do the initial research to see if there is an established competitor base already trading on Amazon.  We provide all the information you need such as pricing, potential revenue, category information, dispatch time frames and more to help you discover the best way to sell your products on Amazon.

Amazon Store Setup & Design

We make full use of all the design options on Amazon to create a fully designed store on Amazon using your logo, store colours and design preferences to tie in your Amazon store with your main website and brand identity.

List Product Inventory

We do the laborious task of listing all your products directly onto Amazon complete with high quality images, relevant descriptions and item specifics all the help get your products as much exposure as possible on Amazon.

Website Integration

If you decide to sell on Amazon we can also integrate your Amazon sales directly into your website as well as give you the ability to list your website inventory directly onto Amazon.

Integrate Amazon into Your Website

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